Lacy Project

British Columbia, Canada


The Lacy Property claim consists of three non-surveyed contiguous mineral claims totalling 590.08 hectares located on NTS maps 92F/07 centred at 124° 43’ 32” Longitude and 49° 16’ 31” Latitude. The claims are located within the Nanaimo and Alberni Mining Divisions of British Columbia.


On November 2, 2017, Silver Hammer Mining Corp. entered into the Lacy Property Agreement with Barrie Field-Dyte to acquire the Lacy Property. Exercise of the option to acquire the Lacy Property requires the payment of cash of $10,000 and issuance of 300,000 Common shares of the company, to be paid and issued within fifteen days of the date that the Common shares of the company are listed, posted and called for trading on the CSE.


The Lacy Property features elevated gold and silver values associated with late-stage (fracture & fault infilling) quartz-carbonate-sulphide veins and breccia. Secondary alteration minerals consist of chlorite, quartz, sericite, epidote, hematite, carbonate, ankerite, and limonite.

The most prominent gold and silver occurrences on the Lacy Property are exposed along the abandoned CPR railway track (Main and East Track Au occurrences) where elevated gold and silver values are associated with pyrite and trace chalcopyrite, malachite mineralization.

Historic sampling by Lode Resource Corp in 1987 returned 14.9 g/t Au from rock samples of massive and semi-massive pyrite from the Main Showing located in the southwest portion of the property. This historic high-grade gold sample consisted of weathered sericite from the Main Showing cliff face and contains 64 ppm Cu, 6 ppm Pb, 32 ppm Zn, and 0.9 g/t Ag.


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