Silver 101

Silver Industry

The importance of silver is exponential because it’s vital to so many industries that shape the world’s economy. This includes manufacturing and energy, where silver is used as a conductor for equipment and electrical operations.

Silver is beneficial for medical reasons as well; it’s used in bandages thanks to its microbial effect and as an antibiotic coating on medical devices.

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Demand By Sector

Silver Uses

The malleability and ductility of silver makes it an excellent metal for sculpting. Because such, it is commonly utilized in jewelry. Sterling silver is the standard for cutlery, mainly because it resists tarnish and has a decorative appeal in homes worldwide. To strengthen the foundation of the materials, metal copper is mixed with silver. 

Silver coins are remarkable collector’s items, mainly because their value tends to rise over time and they’re exempt from capital gains tax.

Silver Uses

The best electrical and thermal conductor of all metals is, without a doubt, silver because of its high conductivity and durability. Due to this, it is consistently used in electronics such as circuit boards, telephones, and computer equipment. 

Since it is sensitive to light, silver is incredibly advantageous to traditional photography because it projects vibrant colors and vivid details.

Why Invest
In Silver?

The industrial demand for silver alone will rise 9% from 2020, with 510 million ounces projected for production. Silver is considered a safe investment because of its universality and beneficial properties. Yes, it is cheaper than gold, but it is also more thinly traded, making it more prone to rapid change.

Invest in a company that will bring supply to the demand.

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